"The G-Network”, a group of guys who aside from their dad, are a family of self-taught musicians from Northford, CT. They had their musical debut in 1991 as a children’s party band known as "The 4 Youngst*rs." In 1993, they took a hiatus from music to concentrate on soccer. In December 2009, they decided to return to the music scene alongside their dad as a family unit called "The G-Network".

The band plays everything from easy listening to rock and roll. They pride themselves on the natural blend of harmonies that comes from sharing family genes. They cover songs from the 60’s thru the new millennium. Some of the tunes include artists such as: The Eagles, The Beatles, Grand Funk, Billy Joel, Jason Mraz, Sublime and many more! Wherever they play, they are sure to bring a crowd. The enjoyment they get from playing together and the energy they bring permeates a room and ensures a fun and exciting time for all.

They are available for hire as the full group or various versions of a smaller unit for a more personal acoustic style. See our contact page for booking information.

The Evolution of "The G-Network"